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Saturday, January 2, 2010

30 Resolutions in 30 days-- Day one: RESOLVE!

A new year, a new decade-- talk about your clean slates.  Seems like a big crowd will be happy to put this one to rest.  And like millions of Americans, I will be reflecting on the past and making some decisions and commitments to do some things differently in the future.  Research says over half of us make such resolutions, and we mostly make the same ones each year: do some things less or not at all, and others more or for the first time.  We want to lose weight, save money or at least stop spending so much, clean up our dirty habits, be generally Better.  There is evidence the resolving is worth something.  In one popular study, 46% of the "resolvers" were still at it at 6 months, compared to 4% of those who didn't make resolutions but had vague ideas about self-improvement.  To up the possibility of making it work, here are some tips.
    Keep it measurable:  Set goals that are specific and concrete, and have a time line for checking progress.  You can have a goal of "Increase health", but break it down into short term objectives that lead to it. You'll have a sense of progress and success this way. 
    Write it down, and check back in:  It's better to get it in writing than offer yourself vague intentions.  Set short term objectives to your longer term goal, and devise a method to keep you reminded.  some computers and cell phones let you calander an alarm with a note to periodically cue you.  Journal about progress made and blocks you encounter-- and possible solutions.
    Tell a friend:  Letting someone know your plan increases your accountibility and support.  You are writing yourself a new story-- get a good audience for it, and keep them posted.  Set up a coach trade and do the same for them.
     Get some tools:  There are lots of community, written and web resources available to help you meet your goals.  Parks and Rec, Good Sam and the community college offer classes on everything from organization skills to mindful eating.  Take a class or read a book for support and inspiration.  Even uncle Sam wants to help out:  visit New_Years_Resolutions for more.

Here's to fresh starts-- and may the New Year bring you much love and learning.

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