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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Resolution of the day: Smile

In keeping with my nature of perfection of imperfection, I'm already two days behind my scenario of posting a daily resolution.  I figure if I get ten in this month, I'll be doing great..
Resolution for 1/03/09:  Smile more.
Our brain has a "facial feedback feature":  when we make purposefully imitate faces associated with certain emotions, such as anger, sadness or happiness, our brains start cranking in ways similar to when we feel those emotions in real life.  By smiling-- a real smile, eyes included, not a grimace-- we activate the beginnings of pleasurable feelings.  Even imagining ourselves smiling in this way causes similar brain activity. 

Book of the day: A Brief History of the Smile, by Aussie art historian Angus Trumble

Song of the day:  Smile  Nat King Cole

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