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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Resolution of the Day: VOTE

Your vote is your voice.  Use it.  We mostly think of voting as being about elections, and here in Corvallis there is a very important one on the horizon.  If you are registered, use your ballot to support your values.  There are other ways we vote, though.  We vote with our wallet-- every time we pay a little more to buy at the independent bookstore or coffeehouse, we vote to keep those people and the services they provide in our community.  When we buy organic or avoid caged hen eggs, we vote about what's likely to be more available at our stores as well what we value and desire in our food supply.  When we show up at a local event, we vote to keep events like that coming in our community.  When we donate to the food or blood bank, we vote that these needs are important and should be met. What do you value?

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