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Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Be careful how you view the world: It is like that." - Erich Heller

That quote appears, tiny, on my office door, and summarizes one way in which I approach therapy.  It is, as I wrote here, all about the story we tell ourselves.  It's not that evil doesn't exist, or good-- but  rather which story we are attending to, and feeding.  Unfortunately, and probably evolutionarily, it's the bad ones that grab us.  Luckily we are more than our biology.  Consciousness offers us an opportunity to question our assumptions or the predominant paradigms that insist no one is to be trusted, and nothing good will come of all of it.  Remember, although suffering is real, so is joy.  Add to it.
(for the record, dead kelp muppet above is an unretouched beach find...)


Unknown said...

Love the quote and the
"unretouched" muppet. that kelp was just waiting for your camera. thanks for keeping us inspired. yrs, eric

Jana Svoboda, LCSW said...

Thanks, Eric-- I appreciate the feedback. Gets quiet talking to oneself-- I don't preach to the choir, often I am just preaching to the preacher. But I need it...