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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Pretty Much Very Bad Poet Basks in a Semblance of Glory

Part two of the Monkey-Minding Manual is in process. One of the tips is about engaging contrary emotion, being it's hard to stay anxious when you are laughing. In that vein, look what I got in my (virtual) mailbox today:

Your Very Bad Poem was just barely bad enough! From: Very Bad Poetry Staff
Good news! The poem you submitted to Very Bad Poetry was chosen to be on the front page in the near future. Tell your friends to expect that you'll be famous.

After their laughter drives you to the bottle, remember that Very Bad Poetry still loves you. By the way, you can see all of your poem by going to this link: verybadpoetry

Very Bad Poetry


treplovski said...

Dang, I get the 404 - not found message. I do so need to read this.

Jana Svoboda, LCSW said...

thanks for the save, trepovilich.
i have correct my error. this one, anyhow.