Thursday, January 13, 2011

Resolution #13: Accept Uncertainty

I am being lazy for the 13th day, but hey, you get what you pay for.

Today's challenge is to accept unpredictability and what we cannot know.  Much unneeded suffering is caused by expectations that cannot or may not be met and our desire for predictable outcome.  Other times we suffer because the stories we tell ourselves about the future are horror stories.  And as I've mentioned before, if they never happen, we suffer for nothing; if they do, we suffer twice.

It's fine to prepare for a future based on reasonable prediction.  It's great to save for future needs, protect health now to enjoy later, invest in hopes of later return.  But none of this guarantees a particular outcome.  The most we can really know-- the answer to most of our questions is:  Don't Know.

Linked below, a repeat of a sermon (chat?) I gave at the local UU a few years back.

A Sermon on Uncertainty

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