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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Resolution #22: Have a Good Belly Laugh

 Laughter really is good medicine.
A good belly laugh releases stress, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, and increases immune activity. It provides health benefits similar to taking a jog (though perhaps without the calorie loss-- so don't completely take to the couch). 

Laughter connects us to others, reduces social and internal tensions, shifts perspective in positive ways, and relaxes our bodies for long after we stop giggling.  And most of the time, it's free!

Humor is an individual thing, and what some find funny others will find offensive or just dumb.  With that caution in mind, here's some web resources to get you going:
Funny or Die videos
The Onion News
Tweet Me Harder Podcast
The Institute of Official Cheer

 For a brainy look at laughter, listen to Radio Lab's Laughter episode.

Today's video is an intro to laughter yoga. 

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