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Monday, January 3, 2011

Resolution #3: Befriend Your Body

  Hey, what's that thang carrying around your chattering monkey mind all day?  Given it any love lately?

Today's resolution is an easy one, because there are so many small ways to carry it out.  Here's a short list.  Links to more info are highlighted:

1) Well of course, give it a little exercise.  Take a walk, go to the gym, or just dance to some Motown in your kitchen. Check out Lisa Well's new digs at Live Well Studio Live Well Studio and do some restorative yoga or get your ya yas out with some wild Zumba dance.  Dr. Jim Phelps will give you the low down on how this will up your mental health:  read here.

2)  Eat something wonderful that's locally made and grown and doesn't have too many ingredients.  Think about how the sun became it and it is becoming you.  My, you look lovely in that kale.  Try First Alternative Coop for luscious local lectables; or one of the many restaurants that specialize in locavore dishes;
or make a virtual visit to Corvallis Local Foods.

3) Shine on, you crazy diamond.  Get some sun on that skin. Try for a least 20 minutes a day on arms, hands, face to generate that D.  Find out why here:  Linus Pauling's Vitamin D page.

4) Give some extra special love to a body part that's giving you trouble. In one of her memoirs, Writer Anne Lamott  talks about having to go on a cruise after not seeing her thighs in the light for oh, some decades perhaps.  She had worked herself into a tizzy about having the "aunties" as she called them come out into the daylight nekkid.  A friend came over and they spent some time loving on the aunties-- rubbing them with lotion, putting on sparkly stickers and reassuring them they were fine coming out to visit.  I don't know if this is the intervention you particularly need-- but how about a nice hot bath?  A professional massage?  A pedicure?  This is basically a thank you present to your body for doing all the labor.

  5)  Try some relaxation and breathing practices to help release the tension of modern life.  Here's three from Dr. Weil's page:  http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/ART00521/three-breathing-exercises.html

6) Wear something that makes you happy.  Flannel pajamas do it for me.  My sisters prefer fancy boots and saucy skirts; one says, "Sparkle is my favorite color."  I'm function, they're form.  Diversity is great. What decorations for your skin honor your "unique Eunice"? Which outfits up your confidence, silliness, sexiness, relaxation?  Drag it out and on and pay attention to how you feel in your ceremonial costume.  In a rut?  Mix it up.  If you're always flannels, try on some Goodwill silks and see how Body feels.

Here's a sappy song by Donovan that used to make me grab that old denim and smile and dance..

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Anonymous said...

You've nailed all my favorites. What's not to like when prescribed yoga movement, locavore diet, massage, and taking in sunshine D. Thank you, Jana, for each and every early morning devoted entry. You enhance my life.