Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resolution #5: Do Something Different

Shake it up, baby.  
Tiny differences in your routine can lead to an increased level of "overall life satisfaction and contentment", aka happiness.  The Positive Psychology movement championed by researcher Martin Seligman, found that making a small change daily led to increases in perceived happiness. Taking a different route to work, dressing up if you usually dress casually or vice versa, or taking a walk rather than watching TV after dinner-- these sorts of variations mysteriously left partifipants feeling better.

Here's an inspiring article on the benefits of change.

Find out more about Positive Psychology here: Authentic Happiness site

Soundtrack for today's homework (of course):

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  1. I can't get my computer to play the sound, but do I need it? I grew up with the Beatles and know the song by heart. I also believe in shaking it up, so, after ten years away from the CHS track, which got "tore up" and refinished and forbidden for some time to dawn treaders like me, I suddenly, with the new year, rose from my bed at dawn and headed out there. It was frigid and others were there in their spiffy gear speeding around the track. I peered out through an old ski mask and loped, round the track four times, and up the bleachers. I felt like a million dollars and sailed off to work ready for all comers. I shook it up, baby.


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