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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Getting Happy in Corvallis

Giant Oceanic Grasshopper
Back from 3 days of art, conversation, and way too much good slow food at the coast with my WAR (women's art retreat) pals. What a happy respite from a long and weird Oregon winter.  

Speaking of happiness, which we'll be doing a lot of the next few posts, a documentary on same is coming to our little burg this weekend.  Here's a chance to hear the science that can help you in that elusive American Pursuit.

HAPPY, the latest feature-length documentary by Academy Award® nominated Roko Belic, takes us on a compelling journey across the world in search of what really makes us happy. From the swamps of Louisiana to the slums of Kolkata, deeply personal stories weave together with insights from renowned experts to provide the keys to our most valued emotion. There will be an exclusive Q&A with director Roko Belic after the opening Friday and Saturday night shows on May 20th and May 21st. HAPPY will be opening on May 20th for a three week theatrical run, and can be seen until June 9th.
FOR TICKETS: www.darksidecinema.com, 541-752-4161

See you on the sunny side of the Darkside--

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