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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Articulation: When Art Talks for Us

Say what you will about the evils of Facebook.  Info junkies like me find much to be loved there.  My last blog was prompted by friend Marilyn W's link to a 9 page NYTimes article,
I wouldn't have seen it otherwise.  And last night, a Serbian mail-artist posted a beautiful picture of an underwater installation that led me to the website of artist Jason deCaires Taylor.  How could I never have heard of this guy?  I spent a very long time looking at his amazing works.  I am so moved by them.  There is so much going on here-- the beauty and poignancy of the models, the interactions of the living environment in the moment, and the inevitable deconstruction/remaking of the statues as nature moves in.  Take a few minutes to visit his website, or view the film below.

We are lucky to have artists who can articulate what we feel but can't explain.  Thank them by visiting galleries, museums and by investing in their work.  If you're from the valley, this weekend's a good time to start at Corvallis's Fall Festival, where over 160 artists will be displaying their efforts.  Stay for the Saturday night dance!

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Kiesa said...

An underwater installation? I found myself thinking of a play by August Wilson in which he talks about the ocean as the place where ancestors are buried, the thousands of humans taken into slavery who died in transit, bodies in the ocean. Art talking? These statues whisper.