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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Give Yourself to Love

Kate Wolf was a luminous singer-songwriter.  Her intimate and emotional lyrics and clear voice captured and opened hearts.   Her song "Give Yourself To Love" was a powerful revelation and personal anthem for many in the 70s.  She was initially surprised at her impact on listeners, but later wrote:
       "Sometimes we just can't find the words, but we all have those same feelings. You feel these things, and you don't think it's okay to say them, or you can't quite get the words, and then it comes, and it's just this breaking loose: you have a way to say it."  
         Kate died young, at 44.   Before she left, she said:
        "I live for a sense of a feeling of purposefulness in this world, you know, that I could stop my life at any point and feel that my life has been worthwhile; that the people I've loved and my children have all reached a point where their lives are now going to come to fruit. And as far as something I live by, it's to try to be as alive as possible and feel free to make my mistakes and try to be as honest as I can with myself."
         Today marks another birthday for me.  I know I have many less in front of me than behind, though how many is anybody's guess.  I've been a little hunkered down, not communicating well or accepting invitations from friends and family.   
        The last two weeks I've been astounded by the showering of love and kindness of friends.  It's softened my heart, and reminded me that while we are here, for however long, we can to give ourselves to love.
        Here's a beautiful video my friend Marilyn shared.  Unfortunately I can't figure out how to embed this one, so you'll have to click the link.  I hope you will, and that you'll take a few minutes today to let someone know the difference their love has made in your world.  

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