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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Moments of awe

Apparently potty-mouthed comic nerds aren't everybody's cup of tea.  Most folks who commented to me on the last blog loved Chris Hardwick's take on addiction, obsession and getting it together, but he's a bit rough.  I did appreciate how he turned my sour disposition around that night.

There are lots of ways to change a mood.  This video was posted by several friends and I pass it on.  The joy and awe on these paddler's faces at the unexpected beauty that shows up-- well, you can't help but smile seeing it.  Although they couldn't have missed the spectacle that unleashed around them, we get provided with such glimpses of the divine in much smaller ways, if we keep our eyes open and get outdoors.  A shooting star, an aurora, a late afternoon fall glow on the leaves, tiny mushroom perched on a tiny patch of moss-- these are little bits of heaven we get for being available and paying attention.

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