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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The More You Know-- The Less You Know You Know. You Know?

Onions increase bone density in rats, may prevent ulcers!--- The National Onion Association
National Science Foundation Consensus Report:  Science is Hard.  --The Onion

I love science mags and books.  I love facts and trivia and graphs and flowcharts and studies and all that effluvia.  And while I might toss them around like they have Real Substance, truth is I spell "truth" without a capital up front.  The more I learn, the less certain I get about most things.  And that's ok by me.

I try to keep up with research that relates to my field.  But I take it, as I told a client today, "with a salt lick"-- a block, not a grain.  What's science today may be tomfoolery tomorrow.  Coffee's good for you, or maybe it kill you.  Eggs:  artery clotter, or nature's perfect food?   Both of these have been demonized and lionized, several times, in the last twenty years. 

Seizures result when one is possessed by demons, and schizophrenia when one has a love-withholding mother-- oh wait, those are brain disorders.

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