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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! Day One Challenge

let's get jiggy with it, folks.
Hope some of you've had a chance to do our first Challenge of Burning The Old Year.

If you're catching up:  I'll be posting a new creativity-inducing challenge every day during January.  Most will take thirty minutes or (much) less.  Please invite friends to join us!

See how many of the 31 challenges you can complete.   Post your results in the comment section if you're willing to share-- I'd love that.

And this year, I have prizes!  I am creatively reducing my biomass by lovingly recycling some old crap beloved belongings to participants.  JUST FOR PLAYING (one or more efforts posted) you win your choice of a 4X6 pic print from the blog or the collector's version of the One Less A$$hole bumper sticker.

Anyone brave or creative enough to do ten or more will receive something rummaged from my attic a bigger prize. It may be a genuine piece of Bad Art from my carefully curated collection, a book of poems, a strange artifact or found object.  Who knows?  You'll be surprised.  Maybe not pleased, but definitely surprised.

Be the first to do all thirty-one and get thirty one tiny surprises mailed to your door.  

You don't have to do them the day they are posted, but to receive the Grand Prize all challenges should be met before 02/01/12 11:59 pm PST.

Shy but still want to compete?  E your efforts through the contact button, or just say "Done!" in the comments section.
READY for today's quest?
The Challenge :  You've burned 2011, now invite 2012.  Make a list of what you want to see manifest in 2012.  For super-over-achievers, do a vision board (click for instructions).  Otherwise a simple list is fine.  This ain't for Santa Claus-- focus on positive ways you'd like to expand your potential and what sorts of feelings/awareness/characteristics you want in your life this year.  Peggy's video offers great ideas.  
Let me know if you did it, and if you like, share one or two things from your list.

Hope you had a good start to your new year--
back tomorrow,


Kiesa Kay said...

Thanks for Peggy's video! What did YOU want to manifest in 2012? This year, I want to manifest the reality of ending child abuse and neglect in my corner of the world. I want to figure out why some people -- mothers, especially -- have the ability to support and sustain themselves as they build resilience in their children. I want to figure out how to bottle that resilience and send it to everyone who needs it. Then we have the personal basics -- bye bye to the credit card debt, the extra few pounds -- hello to frugality and exercise. And -- I want to be able to play fifty songs on my fiddle by Dec. 31, 2012. Plus finish the book I'm writing and find a great publisher. Soon. Oh, and help my kiddos -- adults now -- Wow, this list is getting long!!! What's yours?

speck said...

become aware of a few more breaths each day

love water, stay wet, pee clear

eat food, not too much, mostly plants (courtesy M. Pollan)

dance more, even when sitting still

sing loudly with freedom and intent

make (better) music with as many different people as possible, write some of it down for future reference

realize that thinkin' and worryin' ain't as important as they try to be

let go

Jana Svoboda, LCSW said...

Keisa, my list went from the ridiculous to the sublime, but wow, you have some Big Plans, and thank you for posting them. Tell us about the book?
Yay, speck, to loud singing. I'm in.
Glad to see music on all three of our lists.

Mitey Mite said...

Well, I did it, but my list is of course private...