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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 10 Challenge: Translate a poem

Gets your pencils out.  You don't need to know Icelandic to play this game-- and if you do, email me and I'll send another in a language you don't speak.

Sound out the words and listen for the poem inside, and write your translation.  I'll post poem and author info in a few days in the comments section.  If you're playing catch up, don't peek til your poem is done.  

Fjord on, brave poets-- hope you made someone smile Monday and took some time to go to that nicest place.

nótt sítrónunnar

mistur af hafi 
götuljósin stækkuðu 
eitt ljósker skein í hverjum dropa 
á gleraugunum mínum 
við sátum úti á svölum 
og skárum sítrónur 
köstuðum sneiðunum fram af 
svo þær þöktu götuna 
augu og augu 
í nóttinni 


Chris King said...

Glitter, and I
missed her. Have, Have I
got you, little Josephine? Stuck on you.
Ain't it, little Josie, scary if I have our jaws dropping?
Ah, clear out, go on, minus me
via satiety. Ah, is over, love, you and me
Oh, go, scary me. Shit, are you on our
case? Do you come sneezing on me from having
some vodka poured, poked too? Go to, you and
the glitteratti
aw, you go, you go and gaga
I got nothing, anyway.

(Sitting on a winner.)

Julianadoremi said...

mister half and half
got your gin, steak oh
eat the skin
have rum drops
and clear your cranium
with a minimum
go to saturn via citron slalom
don't be scared
and never turn your nose up
at svoboda beer,
bok choy
and the c'mon, c'mon
I, nutella

Anonymous said...

Open your heart
Breaking waves
washing over in single drops
What feels huge
is Nothing
sit in, sit in
the roaring fire
Don't try to save yourself from
Open your heart
to Nothing

speck said...

Night Stargazers

distant by half
the cosmos' messengers
are barely met and quickly changed
with the slightest eyeblinking
from stars thence into tears
that blur our gaze
confusing constellations which by
one hopes to guide the journey
eye to eye
in the twilight


azulfool said...

not fucking greenland

we're the shiny people
not like you mister
jonesin' some steakhouse waitress
frosty mug and broken dreams
reluctant minimum tip
i saw the best minds of my generation
scatter us together with greenland
that icecrusted, sunless island of
pot-bellied beer drinkers
we're the shiny people
treading water
into nothingness

(fucking greenland)