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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 11 Challenge: First Letter Poem

What lovely little muses you have!  There were great submissions to the Jan. 10th challenge, with many sent via private methods.  Wish I could share them all.  Remember to check back in at the end of the game to see the original translation of the Icelandic poem.

I'm tempted to give you a Turkish poem to translate, but I promised a new game a day.  When this blog goes back to Regular Programming, any of you hungry to keep poeting are inviting to join me under a new format.

Today's challenge is to take the letters below and create a poem around them.   You're seeing the first letters of two poems by two authors.  Punctuation is intact, including capitalization.  Try either or both.  Let your muse talk for you.

W  h. W
w  i  i  i  w
I  w.  O  t.  B  t.

O t, l a b d. M
t, f, b i y h.
B m t. A g f b a.
J c, v
d.  S f k, a f
A. E t h m, o t b.
C t l n, t n c
a.  D o, t k
t t g. C i c.
L o. M t y a
a n g.  P y k e
b y c f t.  S t
i l s, m m.


Kiesa Kay said...

Pretty One
Where have you . Wandered?
whispering in icy indigo waves
I wait. O temptress. Be tenacious.

speck said...


White house. What
will ignite insiders is what
I want. Obama tried. But tripped.

Why I Must Jump

Over there, ladies and boys danced. Madly
thighing, footing, boy is you high.
Big mama tits. After grandma fights back again.
Jumping cornstalks, vegetable
dance. Silk flinging kaftans, after fighting
Artichokes. Eggs to his mother, on the bottom.
Corner to light nicotine, take nothing concerning
athletes. Don't overthink, take kittens
to the garage. Cha-cha in church.
Let overflow. Make the yogurt another
animal not going. Place your knee easily
beside your cloven footsie toes. Sway to
inside loving sounds, musical musts.