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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 12 Challenge: Book Titles

these clowns want to know why you're not writing
Ok, kiddos.  I can see the translating just wore your muses plumb out. Or maybe you're in the midweek doldrums.  I had a total of two entries to the Jan 10th challenge.  Don't worry:  you can still answer any or all challenges until the Feb. 1st deadline.

To appease your weary brains, I'll narrow the focus.  Give me three to five book titles. You don't even have to write the books.

Try one or more of these categories for inspiration:  Self Help, Memoir/autobiography, Current Events, Science, Cookbook, Crafts, Sociological or Other Academic, Religion, History.  Humor and imagination encouraged.  Posting here encouraged.

I have some tougher challenges in store, so whittle those pencils.


Anonymous said...

"I am the egg man".... 100 exciting new ways to prepare eggs.
"How I Wish, How I Wish You Were Here" and other musings on Buddhist Philosophy.
"It Ain't About the Money, Money, Money" Reflections on the Occupy Movement.

speck said...

Genre: Kit Lit

Title: "Scoop: a Guide to Keeping Your Crap Inside the Box"

speck said...

"Sittanyurasana: Yoga for Lazy People"

chapter headings include:

Bhatum Colossalam (advanced version of Sittanyurasana)
Adho Uttita Blusasana (Downward Spiraling Mood pose)
Ujjacusi breathing (prop required: large container of hot water)
Pirannhayama (cow-flesh devouring practice)
Urpupasana (Full Meal pose, generally follows Pirannhayama)

speck said...

"Enya Face," a guide to composing passive-aggressive new-age music

Jana Svoboda, LCSW said...

Did I get these in? CAROL S sent these and graciously said I could post them. Keep em coming!

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