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Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16th Challenge: Facilitate A (Postcard) Writer

Talk to the Hand.. today's Goodwill find

The Challenge:  Find or make a postcard.  Stamp it and address it to  Art at Large, PO Box 1313, Lawrence KS 66044.  Keep the writing part blank except for a tiny note that says "Please complete in any way you choose, then mail" or something to that effect.  Alternately you can write the instructions on a sticky note and attach.  Now find somewhere wonderful for the card to rest until it meets its maker-- perhaps on a table in a coffeeshop, an active bulletin board, or tucked into an interesting library book.  With any luck, the finder will send it on its merry way.  I'll keep you posted on the results.  Can't part with the inspiring card?  Write and send your own.  But seed some, too.
Still hoping to see some Poet Challenging (yesterday's game).
It was sweet to see snow falling on the firs last night.  Spent a warm evening catching up on poet games with friends in the Coastal mountains.  We'd been invited and looking forward to a weekend at Seaside, some three hours north, but the wintry weather kept us closer to home.  We missed our friends but enjoyed the games .

You're Either On the Bus or You're Off It, said local hero Ken Kesey

A flight of Swifties:
"I prefer Brut," she said, dryly.
"I love R.E.M," she said dreamily.
"Watch out for what happens after the third one," he said forewarningly.
Bovine Powered Tilling:  "Little" the Cow.
Stay on her Good Side
"My bed's upstairs", she said loftily.

Too many titles:

Irritable Vowel Syndrome:  Why Americans Won't Learn Icelandic
Finding Your Porpoise:  Aquatic Mammal Spirit Guides
Till--The Cows Come Home:  Bovine-Powered Field Work
Days of Whine and Poses:  Hipsters I Have Known
On With The Bloody Show:  Cockney Guide to Labor
The Contraction Attraction:  Why I Became A Midwife
As a Matter of Fact, You ARE Full of S***:  Roughage Deficiencies in the American Diet

A mail in from Carolyn brings us to the Science Section for
"Splendor in the Mass"
and onward to Gardening with:
Bin Here, Dug That
Musings on the Bounty
Beet Here Now

-----------and we loaded the most crowded shelf at the title store (sampling only----
You've Got Ale:  The Beer-Lover's Guide to Oregon
You've Got Trail:  Hiking in Corvallis
You've Got Grail:  Collecting Holy Icons
You've Got Bail:  How to Manipulate Loved Ones into Getting You Out of the Slammer
You've Got Quayle:  Mistakes We May or May Not Have Made in the Present or the Future
You've Got Yale:  How to Get Admitted to Ivy League Schools
You've Got Pale:  Fighting Vitamin D Deficiency in the Northwest
You've Got Shale:  Oil Refining on a Shoestring
You've Got Rail:  Hoboing 101
You've Got Kale:  Low Maintenance Winter Gardening

There were also translations, first letter and bad and recipe poems, lots of new superstitions and proverbs.  Someday we will hand-bind these into a handsome volume for prosperity.  For now, it would be good to plump there numbers.  We're half way over the hump now!   Keep those cards and letters coming.

PS Don' forget to honor the Good Reverand Dr. Martin Luther King today-- make the world a better place in whatever loving and tiny way you can.

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speck said...

picked 5 cards from my stash (many years collected and never sent). stamped, addressed, instructions included. ready for deployment tomorrow morning...

and i wonder which of these seeds will flourish, which will land on rocky soil. which, if any, may or may not speak back to me in some unforeseen way.