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Monday, January 16, 2012

January 17th Challenge: Half a Dozen Rules for Life

Hmm.  So far just one response to the channeled poet game.  And it was a long weekend for most of youse.  Keisha, your prizes are piling up.

It's not getting easier.  Today's challenge was going to be doubly daunting:  anagram a poet's name into a title, and write a poem in their style.  The game was inspired by Frances Heaney,  the brilliant and extremely funny  author of The Holy Tango of Literature.

But I can sense you all may not be up for that one, on a Tuesday-- so just go buy his book instead, and try your hand at this simpler challenge.  Then Wednesday it's back to the books for the lot of you.

List six rules for life.  Profound or profane, what are some truisms you live by, or wish were in place for the rest of the world?


Ms. Boggs said...

Rule Number 1: breathe
Rule Number 2: continue breathing
Rule Number 3: remember, the air goes in, the air goes out.
Rule Number 4: If you ever notice the air not moving. either;
a: utilize the International Choking Symbol
b: fall to the floor and turn blue
c: get out of the deep end of the pool

Maestro eXpressivo said...

1) Hold your power, rather than flaunt it; engender respect rather than fear.

2) Create your life with every once of your energy; a being which multiplies its energy back into the universe.

3) Love and understand yourself well; the deep waters of love and understanding will flow thoughout your life.

4) Touch warmly, those you love, especially babies and the elderly; nothing is more healing.

5) Pesevere: the closed walls of collective minds will fall, like Jerico, to new, creative ideas.

6) Try to avoid going to the hospital. People die in hospitals. Plus, it'll cost you an arm and a leg...

speck said...

half a dozen rules for life, in no particular order

1. remind yourself to breathe beautifully until you do it all the time

2. pay attention to the life around you; walk in it and be grateful for its beauty (either a moment's worth or an eternity)

3. widen your perspective in as many ways as you can think of

4. play/sing/dance/listen to music that moves your feet, your booty, your heartbeat, your breath, your voice, your emotions

5. step away from the computer, TV, iPod, etc

6. get over yourself

Kiesa Kay said...

KIESA's Rules for Life this January:

1. Begin now, in this moment, to do what you want done in the world.
2. Take time to recuperate. relax, and snuggle in bed with your favorite teddy bear.
3. Time shifts. If you were hurt in the past, it isn't too late to travel back in time in your memory and be your own angel. You will make things better for the person you were, giving strength. So rock that little child in your arms -- and remember that there's a little child behind every pair of angry eyes.
4. Body movement means energy flow, so take some time to go, go, go. Find a sport you love and do it every day.
5. Keep a dream journal; it's a way to keep your dreams alive.
6. Remember: This, too, shall pass. Everything changes. Rules Change so even these Rules are Temporary.