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Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 23rd Challenge: Mindless Monday-- Introduce a New Slang Word

How long does it take to get a new expression into the daily lexicon?  Seems like only yesterday I'd never heard of chillaxing, LOLing, and bromances.   And if I never heard them again, that would be ok too...
Bill:  no square-ass.

My dad, a bit of a Beatnik back in the day, claimed this fall to have been the genius behind the phrase "square-ass," which I suppose meant anyone not as hip as he was.  I don't think it quite made it as big as ROLF, but it's got a good ring to it.

What's your word?  What's it mean?  Drop it into conversation, status or tweets today.  Super bonus points if anyone repeats it later. 

Hope it's qual jinks (excellent material).



Kiesa Kay said...

fontawan: drifter

lone-shine: waking up alone before dawn wide awake bright eyed

I like words in other languages that we don't have in English, like flaneur, which is somebody who sits drinking at a cafe while watching others walk by.

BoggyWoggy said...

majesticle; a giant, comment-worthy testicle

Maestro eXpressivo said...

FuckUslature: a legislature which screws the citizens it is sworn to serve

ConYouist: one who tells political lies for the sole purpose of lining he and his buddies' wallets with your money

Hatriot: one whose abusive political vitriol is dressed in faux patriotism

speck said...

Weegie: along the lines of the Canadian Loonie, a nickname for those shiny Sacagawea dollar coins (I miss 'em, bring 'em back!)

speck said...

Gingrinch: a hypocritical politician with a heart 3 sizes too small

speck said...

RHUBAR: Radically Hyped Up Beyond All Reason

For example: The content of Republican primary debates is RHUBAR.

Jana Svoboda, LCSW said...

Tonight at pinball my sweet galpals (and we fused so well I cannot tell whom to credit) coined the phrase "lacquering" to describe that state of sadhappiness each of us has felt in the past seasons...