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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 26th-- Exhuming that Obscure Object of Desire

new game.  fun with friends but virtual will do.  from A Book Of Surrealist Games, and I encourage you to support our tenuous economy and dirthery of poetry by purchasing one for all those you love.

someone, name an object.
ok-- not that i don't trust you but for expediancy,
i will name the object, by looking about this room.

the object is:

candle-less silver candlestick

now, in 15 minutes or less, answer the following questions:

1. what is the weather of the object?

2. what religion does it follow?

3. what language does the object speak?

4. what is the secret desire of the object?

5. what is the recurring nightmare of the object?

6. where should the object be placed on the woman, sleeping?

7. describe the temperament of the object on tuesdays.
herrings and accordions, indeed

8. how has the object failed?

9. how does the object instruct us in living?

10. who despises the object?

11. who provides steady companionship?

12. why is the object afraid?

13. with whom is the object competing?

14. what is the object's favorite treat?

15. who pleads the case for the object?

16. what laws are broken by the object?

17. what is the sin of the object?

18. how does the heart of the object get restless?

19. how does one befriend the object?

20. how does one kill the object?


Kiesa Kay said...

1. silver winter

2. pantheism

3. american sign language (the sounds of silence)

4. to return to the earth from which it rose

5. rust

6. nowhere

7. befuddled and empty

8. there is no failure

9. by containing and reflecting light without embodying it

10. whale watchers spewing from motion sickness

11. wiccans on bad hair days

12. it fears nothing

13. no one -- ever

14. tasty lilac candles

15. justin case

16. none

17. sine? cosine? sincerity?

18. exhaustion

19. simply be

20. someday it shall disappear

Jana Svoboda, LCSW said...

Ah, she's back in the game, folks.

speck said...

1. Fog with sun nearly brwaking through

2. Lapsed Eastern Orthodox

3. Armenian, and some Turkish

4. To be polished clean of tarnishing sin

5. Being melted down and recast as a filling in George Clooney's molar

6. On her forehead

7. Warming a few degrees beyond room temperature

8. Oxidation

9. "Do not attempt to fill empty spaces too quickly. Brightness counts."

10. The man who would kiss the sleeping woman's brow

11. The empty mathbook collecting dust on the shelf below

12. It has forgotten how to embrace melting flesh

13. The cracked and crabbed mirror fallen behind the dresser

14. The touch ot silk

15. The blind nun who lost it 25 years ago

16. Angle of reflection

17. Vanity and idleness

18. When the breeze carries soot from a distance

19. Ask it about its altar ego

20. Excommunicate it

speck said...


Paula said...

1. Humid Houston summer afternoon
2. Vodun
3. riddles
4. to become gold
5. being converted to a halogen lamp
6. her ear for candling the wax within
7. patient
8. didnt save enough wax to retire or transcend its realm
9. flickers
10. Secretly, the candlestick maker
11. Box of matches
12. suddenly awakened by a crash from a dark nights slumber
13. the loaded revolver
14. toothpaste
15. Lady Liberty
16. jay walking
17. lies
18. slips away
19. smiling in its shine
20. turned upside down