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Friday, January 27, 2012

January 28 Challenge: Design a Restaurant (and prep for Sunday challenge)

Canned biscuit  et al special:
If this is on the menu, I won't be there.
Here's a free-ranging way to exercise your imagination this weekend:  design your fantasy eatery.  It can be anything from a coffee-shop to a five-star, and you can go as far with it as you want.  What's the name?  The menu?  The decor and the vibe?  What will it be known for and who will be a loyalist customer?

ALSO:  HEAD'S UP FOR SUNDAY'S CHALLENGE, which requires a little advance planning.  We'll be doing 10en20s-- ten poems in twenty minutes.  Sounds like pressure, but in a way, it's not at all-- because if you get one you like out of it, gravy!  A good poem in 20 minutes.  And if you hate them all, you've just exorcised ten bad poems and wasted very little time in the offing.  The poems are meant to be short, three or four lines.  But we're not sticklers for rules, as long as you're honest about the time limit.    Submit your titles in the comment section below or e me through the contact link.
My title:  Bad Food.  

We need nine more.  If they aren't on by noonish Sunday, I'll supplement.


BoggyWoggy said...

Back before I was married, my boyfriend (who ended up becoming my first husband) and I cooked many versions of the same meal, over and over and over, while living on a farm in Blodgett! One night while trying to fall asleep, it came to me! My belly was swollen, my heartburn was talking to me, and I felt quite chunky...and an idea popped into my thoughts! We needed to open a themed restaurant called GUT-BUSTERS! Every meal would come over a base of short-grain brown rice. We would hand the customer a plate piled high with the rice and send them over to the buffet, where one. Luke select from a variety of toppings! Stew, sauces, chow mien, potatoes cooked in Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup, venison chunks, marinara...if it's loaded with calories and "pourable," you'd find it at the buffet! I'm talking you, short-grained brown rice was our number one staple for almost 3 years and I just KNEW we'd nickel and dime ourselves to riches while college students came in to BUSTAGUT at our restaurant...

speck said...


My first husband and I could've worked as cooks in your kitchen. We specialized in "Glop" and "Gut-bombs." The base alternated between rice and mac-n-cheese.

speck said...

Dame Kind's Garden

An open-air grove with narrow paths and comfortable rocks and grassy glades for sitting. All of the trees and shrubs offer up ripe fruits and nuts. There are many-colored tubers which are easily uprooted from soft loamy soil, and the broadleaf plants in the glades make excellent salads. Streams of clear bracing mineral water issue from rocky outcrops, for dipping with empty shells. For non-vegetarians, surprisingly tasty grubs can be skewered and toasted over charcoal in small hibachis that also warm the groves.

The staff: an extremely shy family of brownies, wizards at gardening but hapless with customer service. Meal service is DIY, and tipping involves each guest learning the proper use of composting toilet facilities.

The clientele: dreamy eco-fantasists and gymnosophists

BoggyWoggy said...

So sick of autocorrect on my iPhone. Even turned off, it makes mistakes! I am a better writer than this damn phone makes me appear!