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Monday, January 30, 2012

January 31st Challenge: Le Grand Finale'-- 10en20!

 Oh, it's been a good ride, chitlins.
    We made it 30 out of 31 days, enough to please the Wabi-Sabi gods, who are offended when we pretend to approach perfection.
     I'm looking forward to sending your prizes, so please email your address (infoATjanasvobodaDOTcom) if you haven't already.
    For the final day of our creativity challenge, write 10 poems in twenty minutes.  Don't obsess except about beating the clock.  If you don't want to post all of them. leave what you will in the comment section.  If you're just feeling shy, e them all to me if you like and I'll keep them virtual and unseen.

 ----------------drum roll----------------------THE TITLES-------------------drum roll--------------------

1)  Bad Food
2)  Before I Was Married
3)  My Secret Superpower
4)  Shower Song
5)  Splendor in the Mass
6)  Remote Vibe
7)  Bug in a Jar
8)  Test Your Mettle
9)  Us and the Raft
10)  Icelandic Poetry

I'll miss your creativity.  If any of you want to continue on a yahoo group, e me and we'll get it going on.  Play is an underrated virtue.



lynn g said...

thanks for the continued nudge to play, to create... to be more free.

1) Bad Food
First Thanksgiving with my first in-laws…
Didn’t know that people who didn’t like to cook
Made meals that almost represented food
Cheese whiz on overcooked green beans
Isn’t a vegetable.

2) Before I Was Married
I dreamed of asking you
And hoped you’d say yes
Wondered where we’d be when the question
Would come popping out of my mouth
With all the power of being held in,
Of not wanting to overwhelm you.
And then, we asked each other and our yeses
Still echo in my heart.

3) My Secret Superpower
Not everyone can rock a baby to sleep
Can keep humming through the fussing
Can sing through the tears
It is a secret that some of us share
And we smile when we see each other on the street.

4) Shower Song
La la la
warm water….
La la la
Ooooh, yeah,
La la la
Warm water….
la la la
I better get out
La la la, ooooh, yeah…

5) Splendor in the Mass
Four year old nephew
Never been in a church
Staring at the crucifix
Behind the bride and groom
“Mama!!” his whisper hisses
“Mama! Who put that man up there?
Shouldn’t we help him get down?”

6) Remote Vibe
Can you just
Push the button
A little?
Oh! Yes! !

7) Bug in a Jar
So small
On a leaf
Your red shiny shell
And wings appear
Time to fly

8) Test Your Mettle
My Buddhist friends say to be unattached
And to be flexible
Which is much easier when
Everything is going my way…

9) Us and the Raft
Floating around the river
In the water park
In a two-butt innertube
Hot sun, cold water,
Laughter showering down
Like the chilly waterfalls
Such joy!

10) Icelandic Poetry
An epic on ice
Tales of a frozen prince
With no hope of escaping
Until the goddess with the blowtorch
Skis in and the birds sing
The sun shines until night

speck said...

Bad Food

Milk gone chunky
Beer gone skunky
Bread gone moldy
Chevre gone oldy

Before I was married
I had high hopes
and little wisdom.

My secret superpower
is a kind of sight.
A sight for seasons
showing their signs despite
the grid of weeks on my wall,
'cause who says fall
Is a day in September
Instead of a thing
leaves do?

Shower Song

Hot water, hot water, hot water.
My morning meditation
My evening ablution
I'd bow to you 3x/day
If I could.
Blessed be!

Splendor in the Mass

O, inertia! O, force!
Move me,
Change my vector,
Make me stop...
but not just yet.

Remote Vibe

perhaps this last breath
moved the air that moved the air
that dried new moth-wings

Bug in a jar,
How are ye in thar?
Ye can't go too far.

Test your mettle,
go ahead, shout!
Don't just settle;
Get the lead out.
Heat the kettle.
Pour some tea.
Feel your fettle
writing poetry.

Us and the raft

Went fast.
Splashed big.
Flipped over.

Icelandic Poetry

Fucking Greenland--
Laffmaadli owtlooudt