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Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 6 Daily Challenge: Limericks!

come on, play along, whydoncha?
Some fabulous haiku emerged from yesterday's challenges, and you only saw some of it-- the rest trickled in via facebook and email and the ether.  Looking forward to seeing more of your brave creative selves in the remaining 25 days, especially in the comments section here.  Don't be shy.  OK, be shy-- make yourself a memorable pseudonym and hop on in the game.

Sticking with simple poetic forms, let's wreak some limerick havoc.  The Irish version of  playing the "Dirty Dozens", in a past poetic life we'd have wonderful limerick wars on my online poet game group.

Long A
Long A
Short B
Short B
Long A

good morning my comrades in meter
this poeting couldn't be sweeter
i've loaded my pen
limericking again
don't like 'em? use your deleter--

myself, i'm not so inspired.
my rhymer a little bit tired
but i have a prize
for a verse that draws flies--
back later to see what has transpired

so get going, and with grace and luck
your form here won't completely suck
if i like yours most
be watching the post
for goodies from the usp truck

(i hope this doesn't seem pressure.
do it for fun, for pure pleasure.
five lines, two rhymes
it's limerick time--
all to good end in good measure).

das poetrix


speck said...

Perhaps I'm obsessive or lazy;
This syllable-counting seems crazy.
But the pleasure I find,
Stretching poetic mind,
Never ceases to cheer and amaze me.

Ms. Boggs said...

I wrote this one in 9th grade for my best friend. She cried in class when I read it aloud. We are still best friends to this day, however;
There once was girl named Shelly.
She had a rather large belly.
She ate some manure,
She found in a sewer,
And now, her belly's like jelly.

Maestro eXpressivo said...

We now have a Babe in a Crib,
Who spittles yet won't wear a bib!
She's Sassy and Sunny--
A true Funny Bunny!
She frolics and squirms like a squid!

You may think your baby quite smart,
If she giggles when hearing Mozart;
With a fart and a grin,
You must surely give in:
Play the trios performed by Beaux Arts!

Soul purely reflects in one's eyes,
Gazing deeply, "the means of the Wise";
Aglow now with wonder,
She'll know when you blunder:
So tell her no lies to despise!

Chris King said...

Three of us through life as on an inflatable
We find ourselves & almost everything debatable
But fight, naw, let's not
Us and the raft, is all we got
And I find this struggle lovable, not hatable

-- Chris King

Kiesa Kay said...

cat claw and dog's paw and shiver,
my new cap fell into the river
it took a vacation
with bright blue elation
to float in Big Muddy forever