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Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 9 challenge: Make somebody smile

it's ok, little rabbit
Creativity comes in all forms, and even though I had a poet game for you, I feel compelled to interrupt our poeting to give you a different sort of task for Monday.

Make someone smile.

Don't care how you do it, but I want to hear about it.  Comments section preferred, but you can e me if you'd rather.

There are all sorts of therapists in the world too, and some are those blank slate types and by gosh they have their place.  But I've always figured that if I am going to spend the majority of my waking hours at a job, Real Me should show up.  So most of you know that I lost both my father and my ability to enjoy food/smell this year.  And tonight that combination felt like a sucker punch.  Two nurturing possibilities are now out of there.  I was a sad sack.

When I stumbled on this link a few minutes ago (posted at the end), I got not only a smile but a good cry out of it.

We're human.  We enjoy, and we suffer.  And we need each other.

Go out there and increase joy in the world.  What a radical Monday idea.

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Roberta said...

So I'm reading 'FootPrint' and the writer says he can pedal at 200watts which would power a 19" TV as long as he could pedal.
I shared that with another Book club woman especially the part about Lance Armstrong pedaling at 750watts and we both started guessing how much power the Olympic tryouts /or workouts could create for Denver. It made us both smile and giggle.
Then wonder if all our gyms/fitness centers/rowing barns could power Corvallis while folks are working out.
Well, it made us smile, guess you had to be there!
p.s. I have David Sedaris's new book 'Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk', my new years goal is a funny book a month!

Kiesa Kay said...

My son was so witty today on the phone that I laughed out loud, and my sister had a baby today in China, so it has been a day of smiles all around. I complimented a child's courage, which brought a small, shy grin. And at the bluegrass jam tonight, my wretched playing was overlooked by all the kind musicians, and they even slowed down two tunes so I could fiddle along. I said, "This is the most fun a person can have with clothes on," a cliche but a true one, and smiles shone all around.

speck said...

Yesterday was a bit too Monday for me, but today I watched a piano student get the grins after I challenged her to play the opening riff of "Day Tripper" with Eagle Arms. Amazingly, the riff she had struggled with a moment before with uncrossed arms dropped into place, and she went on to play it with hands in just about any position.

This is a student who loves criss-crossing hands--we decided we need a word that is the opposite of dyslexic to signify her amazing cross-wired coordination.