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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Cleaning Up-- revelations of Icelandic poem and first letters

A little deconstruction for those of you who played the poet games.
The Icelandic poem was by the prolific and brilliant author and songwriter Sjón.  It's a beauty.

(night of the lemon)

mist from the sea
the streetlights grew bigger
a lantern shone in every drop
on my spectacles
we sat out on the balconies
and sliced lemons
threw the slices away
so they covered the street
eye to eye
in the night

(of the lemon)

The first letter poems are (P) Prayer, by Galway Kinnell
and (WIMJ) What's In my Journal by William Stafford.  Both are worth looking up.

And now we go back to our regular programming.  But first, listen to Kinnell's counsel to a student, despondent over a broken heart.  There's something there for all sorts of broken hearts.


speck said...

Icelandic nomination of Bradley Manning for Nobel Peace Prize

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