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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Creating Community: Maker's Space

getting the art on
Imagine a group of people with little in common except a desire to be together and be creative.  Add some free vegan cupcakes, art supplies and cheap drinks and you have Maker's Space:  "Culture as adventure, and we're all Indiana Jones".

i ain't scared of art
Under the encouraging eyes of Corvallis's new Art Center director David Huff and Drawing Board art supply shop owner Mike Wiener, a few dozen locals quaffed and created small works that were promptly displayed on clip hangers in the window of the Majestic Theater.  Curator Josie Zarkovich wasn't on hand for the evening's festivities, but her energy was evident.  There is now something way more compelling than reality TV on the first Tuesday of every month. No pressure and lots of friendly folks in sweet surroundings-- it can't be easier to get artsy.

If you're local, join in on supporting the invigoration of Corvallis creativity and community.  Show up and art on with us at the next Drink and Draw April  3rd. And think about throwing some money into two great organizations that support what heals us:  the local Arts Center, and what promises to be a better than ever venue for music and the arts, our own very Majestic Theater.

a couple of the night's creations
While you're spending,  support a new local business.  Mike Wiener's Drawing Board has recently expanded from a 10X10 foot kiosk at the Starbucks plaza into a new storefront at the same location.  Here six months from Palm Desert, CA, Mike grew up at his parent's art supply store there.  A victim of a poor economy, it closed after 21 years and he relocated here, but was sad to see there was no similar place for good supplies.  He's ready for business, and since he pays for shipping and buys wholesale, you can get your art on for the same or less than from some anonymous mail order place.  He's the guy who provided the free supplies for a great night of local fun. Let's keep him in business.

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