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Thursday, August 9, 2012

All Over The Map(s)

sail away ladies sail away
Back from a long-dreamed of trip to Alaska. I have family there, and they were wonderful hosts-- sailing, fishing, hiking, wildlife peeping, and a high speed catamaran trip to Sitka were on the agenda, along with fantastic meals of local seafood and organic veggies.  SE Alaska is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of Oregon without the swagger:  everything that's wonderful about here is closer, bigger, more. Islands, islands everywhere, and totem, and huge swarms of spawning salmon and chirping eagles and spouting whales.

The trip took a little convincing.  I live close to the dime and it seemed such a luxury.  But we had a free place to stay, local guides, a 33 foot sailboat (the magnificent Haiku) and two for one airline tickets.  How to resist?  Having been enamored of the place since i was wee and reading, obsessively, over and oer the Time-Life series on Alaska and the Arctic during visits to my Tennessee Aunt Louise-- well, I knew a trip was in my destiny.  And when the cards fell, even though there were house repairs to do and being self-employed means no paid time off-- well, only a fool gives a raspberry to destiny.  Off we went.  Here's a few things I learned:

You can get a better suntan in Alaska in June than in Oregon.  If you're lucky.  We were lucky

You can look extra sexy in waders with the right angle lens.

Most people don't lock their doors in SEAL.

Fresh halibut curry is a revelation. 
a view from the haiku
sailing through the narrows
keeping things under control
Sailing is really, really relaxing and healing, especially when it's (oddly) not raining, there's good food in the galley and  great company on the deck.  Admiral Zooey (the redhead) and First Mate Fletcher kept things under control, or at least underfoot.  Capt s Brian and Liz demonstrated how to relax into the Alaska vibe(beer was often involved). 

cuddlin' up at low tide
Turn ten minutes from the dock and you can walk the Mendenhall glacier park and wrestle with some sadness over ts diminished state.  Pick a different 10minutes and grab some fishing gear to wonder int the Tongass Rainforest, stumbling past the evil Devil's club into native carvings and possible grizzly sushi bars.  No need to change clothes except to throw on the waders and extra-tuffs to be one with the fishes as you wander off shore in search of something to grab your lure.

It's a wonderful life.  It's a life full of suffering.  Both/and, so take your times of grace and rejuvenation where you can and JUST SAY YES to opportunities that can make old dreams come true.


And I'll be your cheerleader and butt-kicker to go after the (planful, ethical, soul enhancing) YESes in your life.  SI SE PEUDE.

I feel ready to do so serious psychotherapy after all that relining and awakening.  Hold me to it!

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Wolf Nkole Helzle said...

thank you for sharing. and thank you for your openess, Jana. It will open the world (and heaven too).