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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

GOT RESOLVE? Happy New Year!

Welcome to a brand-spanking New Year!

Here's your annual chance to put a new spin on your story.  Door Number Two holds 31 ways to get-er-done, and a strange and wonderful surprise package for the first to complete them all.

Every day this month we'll have a new challenge hand-picked to assist you on your path to a Shinier, Sparklier, Healthier, Happier and Even More Attractive YOU.

Now here's the deal with resolutions:  more than half of us make them every January 1st.  Most of us make the same ones every year:  lose weight, quit (x), start (y).When we are specific, nearly half of us are still at it 6 months later, compared to the lousy 4% crowd who merely thought generally about self-improvement.  Door Number Two has lofty goals for you, but with tiny achievable daily objectives and lots of choices.  Y
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Roll up your sleeves and let's dive in with RESOLUTION ONE:


Tons of spiritual traditions involve a ritual wash to start new efforts.  This ranges from an early morning handwashing to begin the day to an immersion in a body of water to cleanse the soul.   Live the metaphor of a fresh start by preparing a ceremonial cleanse for the first day of your new year.

Before you get wet, spend a few minutes contemplating what you are releasing from the last year. (Extra credit:  rite it down!)   Take some nice, calm breaths and prepare yourself for a fresh start.  Imagine the water as your alchemical assistant in the process.  
Here's some choices:
Take a sauna.
Prepare a wonderful bath.  Consider candles, a balancing salt additive-- whatever floats your boat.
Find a body of water and take a splash bath.  Or do it up big and take a polar swim! (Note from my inner yenta:  if you live somewhere like my latitude, don't do this alone, or without a wetsuit.  Takes about 45 seconds to lose muscle control in this water).
Soak and cleanse your feet, then love them up with some lotion and cozy socks.
Wash your face, with intention and kindness, as a mother might wash that of a child she loves.
Wash your hands, slowly and carefully, and think of the hands in your life that have brought you to this new year.

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 Quote of the day:
"Sorrow can be alleviated with good sleep, a bath, and a glass of wine."  ~St. Thomas Aquinas

Happy new beginnings!
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