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Monday, January 14, 2013

January 15th Challenge: Trace The Braid

wildlife.  still loving it.
Just who do you think you are?
Today's challenge is to remember who you were-- the traits that defined you at age 5, 7 or 10-- that continues today.  What did you love that you still love?  What fascinates you now, and did way back then?  What scares you?  Where do you feel your limits and challenges, those that remain unchanged after all these years?

Look for your thread of continuity in the world.  When you know it, you answer, at least a little bit, these questions:
Who am I?
What is true for me?
forest hike/meditation, Kansas, 1976

tonight's beautiful crescent moon-- love her--
Knowing what has been and is true for me, what realities can I accept (stop resisting) about myself, and then learn to work with in a more graceful and passionate ways?  What strengths have always been with me, that I can remember to utilize in the now?

 Make a list of at least five. 
Here's some of mine:
I have always loved and been interested in the welfare of animals.
snakes.  still love 'em.
I have always felt compassion for and wanted to understand the underdog (snakes! spiders!)
I have always been impatient and wriggly.
I have struggled with and struggle with self-discipline.
I am curious and love to learn.
I love music.
I love the moon.
I love being in nature.

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As alway,
thanks for playing!

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