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Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 21st Challenge: Honor a hero

Today's quest is in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, a true community hero.

Dr. King
When my kids were tiny and we were living in SE Texas, I asked my daughter's preschool teacher how they planned to observe Dr. King's birthday.  They were not, she said.  I gave some suggestions and was told it would be impossible, because the curriculum was already set for the week. The theme was community heroes.  They were going to learn about "firemen and policemen (sic)".  I told her Dr. King WAS a community hero, but she didn't budge.  So I pulled my girls out of preschool and we celebrated home-style with friends.  The kids acted out Rosa Park's bus ride and we sang and danced to the Neville brother's song, Sister Rosa (see video below).  We read the text of his speech, "I Have a Dream."  And then we made gingerbread cookies of several skin tones and delivered them to those other community heroes  who weren't getting the day off.

Dr. King's legacy continues today with national initiatives encouraging people to give a day of service in his honor.  You can find opportunities here:  http://mlkday.gov/serve/find.php

superhero amy and family
Offering service is one way to meet today's challenge.  And if you can't do it Monday, make plans.  Find volunteer opportunities through your local Red Cross, school district, faith community or other not-for-profit organization.   Pick up some litter in a public area-- maybe while walking the beach or a park.  Sign up for a blood drive.  Mentor a young person or assist an elderly one.

Another way:  Spend some time today naming your personal heroes.  Who inspires you, and why? How can you move that inspiration into action in your own life?  In other words, how can you honor your hero?

One of my heroes is biologist Amy Rogers.  She's working to save pristine parcels of the Ecuadorian rainforest from clear-cutting and industrial development.  It's not easy.  She put in ridiculous amounts of time, in the face of huge bureaucracy and on a tiny budget.  Her energy astounds me.  Her dedication to preserving healthy forests for future generations inspires me.  I'm going to put that into action by donating to our local version, the Greenbelt Land Trust.

I'd love to hear your story.

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