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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 22 Challenge: Be a Metaphysical Detective for an everyday miracle

recognize your neighborhood?  maybe if you live in timberhill

Oh my-- I had such a nice day.

black and white world
Made good on a couple of earlier challenges that had slipped away from me.  Never too late to catch up.

budding trees caught the moon
Worked til mid afternoon but knew if I didn't see the sun I would start howling at the fog, which has descended over our valley for so long I wasn't sure the sun really even existed anymore.  So my sweetheart and I headed into the dark, frosty black and white hills and climbed and climbed until we saw a miracle.  Saw my shadow and thought about those facebook posts that say:  "Are you old enough to remember THIS?" and then show you something like an 8-track tape. It's been a long time... 2012? since we had shadows in the valley.

Today's challenge is meant to fire up your observational skills and gratitude radar.  I want you to be hypervigilantly on the lookout for tiny little miracles.  Or ordinary things in extraordinary places.  Or pieces of unexpected beauty.  Getting the idea?

brave explorers find the elusive sun at the end of the world
It may be something you've never seen before.  Or it may be something you've passed for days without truly noticing.  If you've a camera handy, capture the evidence.

And notice how it makes you feel when you are a detective for little bits of serendipity and wonder.

Here's what I saw-- A forest so devoid of color it seemed I'd used black and white film to photograh it.   Lichen encased in frost.  The sun coming through the trees like God in a Monty Python movie.  The moon in a blue sky, with Jupiter as her companion. Our town buried in a sea of fog, with Timberhill forest poking up like an isolated island.  Mountains in the distance. Two runners and a biker dancing in the light taking pictures of that elusive star.   See the evidence below!

See you tomorrow,

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