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Monday, January 7, 2013

Mitsvah Monday, and some revisionist /Reconstructionist history

all play and no blog this weekend
Hi.  Miss me?  I missed you.  I was busy in the woods and mountains doing secret challenges involving taking risks, creating, observing a day of rest, and connecting with nature.  I'll give you an extra challenge for Groundhog Day to make up.

Those of you on the Facebook Group (join here now) did get late instructions to connect with nature.  What a fine job you did.  We had Mount Tabor climbers, photo-documenting the experience.  We had bird watchers and swan lovers and compost composers.

Remember, you can do these tasks at any time during the month, and you are eligible for a prize if you finish all by Feb 2, Groundhog's day.  The winner receives a random desk drawer dumped into a box, or other assorted treasures, and smug satisfaction, increase in general positive warm feelings towards self and others, shiner hair, etc.

Sunday--seeing that it's over now, you can count as your day of rest.  Anyone want to share some good self-care tales from their day?  Here's mine:  jammies and art and packing up to retreat from out retreat.  Long meandering (alternating with terrifying hurtling times) ride down the snow mountain.  Singing.  My yearly peppermint milkshake.  Some kitchen dancing.  Connection with competent women.

Don't just stand there-- be a dear/deer
Which brings us to today's Monday Mitsvah Challenge:  Do a kindness for another.  As always, the opportunities are endless and varied.  You can loan someone your phone, pay them a compliment, but them a cup of fair-trade tea.  You can offer to do something important and helpful even if it's not in your job descriptions.  You can take something sweet to a shut-in, perhaps soup or maybe just your company.  Smile and greet strangers, volunteer at the soup kitchen, let someone in a bigger hurry go ahead in line. Teach someone a skill they need, or assist them. do.  Pay a compliment.  Buy someone a cup of tea.  You get the picture.

Brooke from Ohio offers today's quote:
"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible". Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama
 Today's song from the wonderful project PLAYING FOR CHANGE:

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Kiesa said...

Self Care back to nature? Paddling in the lake with my daughter and our DOGS! :0) oh yes. Monday Mitzvah? Hmm. If I found a bat and gave it to my friend, would that be a Bat Mitzvah? If I shared my glass of wine at the wine bar, would it be a Bar Mitzvah? Just wondering . . . . .on Monday, I found $26 in the street and did not know to whom it might belong, as it was literally IN the street, so rather than keep it all for myself, I gave it away to someone I love. That's kind of a mitzvah maybe.