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Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 2 Challenge: Don't Wait

Glad to have you all enthusiastically on board for 31 days of tiny resolutions. Sure, you could quit wheat, get out of debt, clear out your attic and lose 20 lbs. But anybody can fail in their resolve for those big deals. Here, it's all about the details, and itsy bitsy ways to shake things up for the better.
It's a good thing these don't take much time, consider how late this post is going out. From henceforth I will post the day's challenge no later than noon, and often the night before. And of course you can do these any day, and take what it brings you into the whole year.

Today's challenge can take a couple of minute or the rest of the evening-- it's your call.  

Start here:  Settle into your space.  Whether it's your chair or you are standing, take in a decent breath and feel yourself grounded a little.  I like to use the image of yoga's mountain pose, in which energy begins in a point above my head and channels firmly out both my legs into the ground.  Mountains are strong, calm power.  Big storms come and the mountains stays settled.  Really, take just a 60 seconds here to settle in.

Now think about those words:  Don't Wait.  What is something you can do tonight?  It's not necessary it be a Grand Gesture.  Maybe you will sit and do that blog post.  Maybe you'll do what I did and pull over to the side of the road to look at some almost-lenticular clouds that won't be there in five minutes, or that sunset that will spoil you for sunsets for the rest of the year.  Maybe you'll write a thank you letter, or throw that sweater you never wear into the Goodwill bin.  Maybe you will tell that person you love them.

Here's the deal.  Today is the absolutely only January 2nd 2014 we are going to have in this particular stream of reality.  These things you do, some can wait.  Some won't be there if you do.  It's late-- seize the carping diem already.  Seize it small and gentle, but do something you've been waiting to do, or experience something that won't wait for you.

Then write me and let me know what it was and how it was.

Quote of the day:
"How wonderful it is that no one need wait even a single moment before starting to improve the world."  --Anne Frank

Song of the day (well, of course): '
Photos of the day:  Excuse for not getting the blog done earlier.  
Poem rip-off of the day:
Because I could not wait for time
She did not wait for me
And kill'd from up inside my Bonnet
the Promising Could-Bee

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Kiesa Kay said...

Have been procrastinating on a news story AND on a work project for my second job, so don't wait applies there, plus I have a new fiddle tune to learn and why not tonight? The wind sounds so fierce. When I think DON'T WAIT, though, I feel a subtle yearning for the novel in my head to spring onto paper. Yes. And when? When? I've blocked out a week in February . . . . and there's one other thing. My dad died at about my age. He had no idea he'd die so young. In his last year, he'd lost a lot, but he had married a woman he really loved, and he lived by a bay and fished every day. He didn't wait, and thank goodness for that.

Julianadoremi said...

I bought myself a large box of "instant cold packs" from Walgreens. I am placing them on the small of my back, where I slammed myself onto the parking lot on 12/17/13. I've been a veritable cripple since then, walking very s l o w l y. Damn black ice. It's blizzarding out, which will cancel my work tomorrow. Maya's school has already been cancelled, and she is off to ski with a friend. I think the best thing I can do is take advantage of the off time to get my busted tailbone rested and healed. It's all good. I'm in agreement with Mother Nature. My kid gets to play some more before going back to school, and I get to heal some more.

speck said...

Here's another song for today's theme: Honey Now by Gillian Welch:

SamsaraSadie said...

Gonna take a walk now