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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January 23 Challenge: Laugh it out

today, rise above the darkness
OK, OK, we're going to lighten up.  Wednesday's blog was WAY too heavy, heady, amorphous and so forth according to the readers who contacted me.  Several also agreed the article it referenced was chock full of necessary and important information to consider.  But after carrying on King's work, shedding skins, and then being asked to fight the Corporate Machine, I guess it's time to relax a little.

Today's job is to laugh.  A lot, if possible.
get your luna on

Watch a ridiculously funny movie.  Zoolander, anyone? 
Write parody lyrics to a favorite song.
Write silly haikus on bananas and pass them out to strangers that smile back at you.
Read some Calvin and Hobbes; watch some Portlandia.

What cracks you up? Pass it on.  Life's nasty, brutish and short and we need a laugh.

There's health giving reasons.  Find out more by clicking the links:  
Have a Good Belly Laugh
Your Brain on Grins
Make a Joyful Noise

Quote of the day:  The human race has one really important weapon, and that is laughter.  --Mark Twain
Videos of the day: 


Spellmynamewithac said...

I subscribe to Pandora and listen to comedians regularly. I don't even eat pork, but Jim Gaffigan's bit about bacon cracks me up every time I hear it. You can watch on youtube by searching for Jim Gaffigan - Bacon - KING BABY

I like driving to and from work listening to jokes as well.
It's enough inoculation to allow me to read the news without weeping.

Jana Svoboda, LCSW said...

thanks, c. i appreciate the laugh lead AND the comment. one way conversations get tiresome. i'll go check out the treif tidbit.