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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 8th Challenge: More or Less What? Get Going

Hey new year you--
Remember way back early in 2014, when I asked you to start the month of tiny resolutions as follows?  

"Write down ten things you appreciated from the last year.
Write down a few things you'd like to leave in 2013.
Now write a few things you'd like to see more of in 2014."

Please review.  One week in is when a typical resolver starts to lose the resolve.

Today's challenge:  pick ONE ITEM on off the "more of"/"less of" list.  And do something to make that reality today.


What was it?  How did it go?

I'm going to do a little art Wednesday.  Not necessarily good art, because I am setting a non-judgmental bar.  It may end up in your surprise box, which goes this year, raffle style, to a commenter.  One entry is reserved for every topic-related comment posted.  Past year prizes have included Bad Art, amazing gris-gris, fortunes and Good Books.  Facebook posts count and are welcome too, but you can be anonymous here-- though you'll have to come out to me if you want the Snail Mail prize.

Let's see your more or less efforts.

Quote of the day:  I think in terms of the day's resolutions, not the years'.  ~Henry Moore

Inspirational Song of the Day: 


Anonymous said...

I was actually reviewing the week's resolutions today. I'm ready to work on getting more of the "more" list and rid of the "Leave behind" list. Big process, actually. Thanks for the extra motivation! Love the January blogs, and you. JI

speck (Susan) said...

alrighty, then!

(first off, I caught myself in a mindless food moment before it was too late: while assembling breakfast, I picked up the kettle of hot water and started to pour it on my cereal instead of into the coffee filter)

this morning's task: finish writing a short piece of music for our congregation to sing as the young folks and teachers head out of the sanctuary to their RE classrooms

also happy about a 4+ mile, 4+ waterfall hike in the Gorge yesterday, and a list of friends who are free to hike on future Wednesdays