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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Anna Coffman on Finding Love in the Difficult: Tiny Resolutions January 25, 2015

Editor's note:  German-born Anna Coffman has led many lives in one.  Formerly a succesful software engineer, she answered a heart's call of practical compassion, leading to her current work in nursing, hospice care and as a facilitator of rites of passage using nature as a teacher.  She is a Zen Buddhist practicioner and leads retreats and spiritual work.  I was a beneficiary of a workshop in which she shared her deep wisdom of the healing power of the natural world.  You can learn more about Anna at her website:  http://www.journey-home.net/.  
The piece below came out of her recent visit to the a holy and wholy terrifying place:  the camps where millions of Jews, gays, Roma and other marginalized people lost their lives.  Somehow, even in this dark  and sad space, Anna found room for love. The card she made after this visit sits by my computer, and I often gaze at it whie I write.  Please take it upon yourself to accept Anna's challenge. 

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