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Monday, January 26, 2015

Midwife and Pilgram Lisa Lehrer offers a Shiny Resolution: January 26, 2015

Lisa, welcoming a new soul
Lisa Lehrer can't walk many places in Corvallis without running into one of her clients.  A midwife for over 25 years, she's well past her thousandth delivery.  Originally from Minnesota, Lisa has made her home in the valley since adulthood, but she maintains a Midwestern blend of warmth and pragmatism that lets mamas and daddies relax and babies smile.  She's an intrepid, often solo world traveler: trekking in Nepal, biking in Amsterdam and this fall, walking a few hundred miles through Spain.  

Lisa's one of the most unpretentious women I've ever met; unless you know her well you'd never know about her amazing travels, how she can handle a skill saw and lay a stone walkway, and she can paint, draw, sew.  I'd find her completely intimidating except she's also my very dear friend, and a truly gentle soul.  
True to her reserved nature, it took some encouragement to get her to offer a guest piece.  I'm delighted she did.   --jls
Lisa writes:   This is a SHINY resolution (as compared to a tiny one).


I walked on the Camino de Santiago this past season and had an experience that keeps informing my movements, thoughts and actions.
the long road to the labyrinth

 It was on the last day of my walk that I came across a stone labyrinth on top of the world. I knew immediately that I would walk it. The sky had already brought me a multitude of gifts that morning. First, the golden light of sunrise as I was walking through a forest that was open in an inviting way. Then walking out where the expanse of rolling hills and small villages in the distance were breathtaking. I could feel my breath come into my body just taking it all in. 

It started to rain on and off. Gradually, the wind picked up until it was blowing both my hair and poncho all over the place. As I was walking toward the next village the rain slowed down, the sun brought rich tones to the fields and I was astonished at the display of rainbows that kept unfolding. First one arced over the village, touching the earth on both ends. Then another overarching the first. All told, seven different rainbows were gifted to me as I continued to walk.
gifting skies
Singing my way out of the labyrinth I was struck with the thought that I had fulfilled a long standing dream. What a surprise that was. Now, I’m inspired to be open to new dreams and possibilities unknown. On New Year’s Day the word that came to me in yoga practice was Radiance. It reflects a way of being open and honest, engaging, curious and alive. 

shine on
Look for the sparkle, twinkle or warmth that is there. Feel it moving through and from you.   Be Radiant.
                                ---Lisa Lehrer

May the long time sun shine upon you
All love surround you
And the pure light within you
Guide your way home

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