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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Tiny Resolutions January 4: Explore a new place

Were you curious yesterday?  I put together most of my foldscope but decided to do the big reveal Sunday.  Rolling it out slow.  I did get out my other microscope and checked out the water in the bottom of a bin of rocks to see what was growing in it.  Then, because I mostly had no idea what I was looking at, I did some research on the Protists, diatoms and other little bits I found.

discovered sweet creek falls
Today we are going to be curiouser and curiouser.  Since it's Sunday, I'm hoping most of you will have a free hour or two for this challenge.  Go somewhere you've never been.  This is an easy one, because it doesn't have to be exotic.  It could be a junk or hardware store, a new restaurant, a park or a small town near you.  If you've never been to the library or museum or the yarn shop, check it out.
went on a grafitti hunt 
Go as an anthropologist and try to learn some interesting facts; go as an artist and see it with a muse in your heart.  For extra bonus points, have a conversation with a stranger.

The most seemingly mundane places can hold all sorts of magic if you go in with a wide-open and curious mind.  Some weekends I've chosen to explore grange halls, biker bars, unusual churches, hidden gardens.  There's independent pet stores, rock shops, weird abandoned buildings.  Be brave (and legal) and bring back a lawfully procured or purchased souvenir, even if it's just a stone or leaf.
checked out an old pool hall in a small town
Document!  The best  explorers do.

Did I mention yet there are prizes for those who complete every challenge?  Bad art, a good book, a tiny box of treasures-- who knows what awaits the quester?  Documentation is highly desirable:  a brief note, a journal, a daily comment.

Have a great tiny adventure and see you Monday,

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Kiesa said...

This weekend, I went to Tallulah Falls and Toccoa Falls and it felt WONDERFUL! Then I went to a stage at the arts center and heard my new one-woman play read and a couple other people heard it, too. And tomorrow I'm starting a new job in a new town, and tonight I'm sleeping in a completely unfamiliar all new place. So I have this task Covered completely. oh yes.