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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Tiny Resolutions January 9th: Accept Reality

It's ten minutes before the midnight chime, and even though I thought I was all at peace with letting this January blogging tradition go this year, I'm suddenly compelled to throw in a resolution.  Because who knows, future self might be glad I did.

As mentioned, new job plus shreds of my practice is leaving me a little short on the downtime.  And since the day is over for nearly everyone I know except the one friend in Hawaii, best to pick a resolution that is already done for the day.
gooseberry pie.
because in reality, i don't have a photo for today.

It's that old easy one:  accept the big What Is.

Wise mind knows that reality is not particularly negotiable.  The future might be, but what is happening now is happening now, and whether we love or hate it, it just IS.  Resistance is futile.  When we can observe it with a little distance, wisdom and compassion, maybe we don't react to it in ways that end up causing us more suffering.

Accepting reality is not about approving reality.  It's not about giving up on any efforts to change its course.  It's definitely not about refusing to adjust to it in the moment.  It's just about not resisting in ways that wear us out.

So if it's raining and you want it to be sunny, put on your rain gear and quit pretending you should be in charge of the weather.  It's fine to acknowledge your wishes as long as you can also acknowledge what's actually happening, and if possible do that without getting your panties in a twist.

Let it be known that of course I often do not practice what I preach, but rather preach what I want to be practicing.

Acknowledging the reality that I am sleepy, I'm off to bed.

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Shelly said...

Maybe short but a powerful message. Get some sleep dear one.