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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Learn Something New: Door2Challenge January 3 2018

Hope you took a few moments to notice human kindness Tuesday.  I didn't get out much, but my sweetheart rehung my bird feeders to protect them from the very fat squirrel that's been decimated them, and my pal and brother-in-law-in-law didn't gloat too much when they kicked my bootie in scrabble tonight.  Also, thanks for the encouraging remarks for restarting the 30 day challenge.

For Wednesday, the challenge is to learn something new.  As always, these are tiny resolutions.  You could make a new dish, learn a few words and phrases in another language, practice a song.  I'm planning to study up on pyrosomes in anticipation of a day at the beach.  I doubt I'll see a 60-foot long version, but I'm excited to get a chance to see some of these creatures that usually aren't visible unless you are deep-sea diving in warm water areas.  And did I mention that they GLOW?  Why are they here?  Why now?  I'm going to research and see what I can learn.Wish I had a non-copyrighted picture to pipque your interest.  Maybe this other random microbiota will do.  
Not a pyrosome.  Go look them up!  Everyone seems to think they look like translucent pickles.

 The learning brain is a happier brain. I try to fall down some educational rabbit hole everyday.  Last night I studied about Tibetian monks doing hard labor for the Chinese in Socialist Rehabilitation camps, and how they snuck their malas into their huts and chanted their prayers when the guards fell asleep.  The world's amazing.  Get out there and buddy up to all there is to know.

 Exercising your gray matter keeps you sharp and curious.  While you may not be as curious about primitive colonizing zooids, I bet you can learn something interesting today. Let me know what it is.



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