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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Put yourself out there: January 4th 2018 #Door2Challenge

What did you learn Wednesday?  I learned an Indian folk talk, thanks to my Turkish friend Nuray.  I learned about the rise and fall of Winston Churchill and his ambivalence in facing down the Nazis knowing England was outgunned and out-trooped and that it would be a high cost and lengthy battle.
I learned WAY TOO MUCH about pyrosomes (there were virtually unheard of here until 2016, being warm water deep creatures; they've become prolific all the way up to Alaska where they clog nets and hooks, they are called pyro-somes because they glow in their native warm waters, but not here and the speculation is they are eating a different diet.  We don't know exactly what these aggregated simple cell creatures are filtering through their tissue connected, colonized tubes; we're not sure why they are here now except maybe the Giant Warm Blob that persisted off our coast for a couple of years has something to do with it, and we're not sure how they are affecting the ecosystem, especially if millions start to die off.  We aren't sure if they are related to the sea star die-offs or why they are still around now that the Warm Blob has moved on.  One OSU researcher did posit they are like cockroaches and now clearly in the running for surviving a human apocalypse.  Two more quick tidbits: they look like translucent pickles and ooze a pussy substance when stressed.


And now, as Monty Python used to say, time for something completely different.
using my voice (and being silly)

Today's challenge is to put yourself out there in some healthful/helpul way.  It may be volunteering for something, or offering your opinion in meetings where you are usually quiet, or revealing a vulnerability to a safe person (most people are.  Avoid known sociopaths).   It may be trying something that you know little about and lack confidence in (safety first-- I'm thinking about going to a line dancing meet, trying a new foreign cuisine, writing a poem, painting).  It could be a bit more risky:  if you are single and looking for a partner, getting out in the world and letting that be known.  Maybe you just persist past being interrupted or take credit where due at work.  It might be facing a fear in a very controlled and willing (even if nervous) way.  It might be reconnecting with that old friend, or showing back up at church/the neighborhood meeting/etc.

This tiny resolution is rich in possibilities.  It offers a look at how you rein yourself in, why you don't do the things you say you want to do, and encourages you to challenge your narrative of who you are and how you operate.

As usual, I'd love to hear what you tried and whether it worked.  some good advice from the Churchill film I saw tonight (Darkest Hour, playing at the Darkside):  "Success is not final, failing isn't fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.:    

Thanks for playing along,

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