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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Time, that elusive vixen:Door2Challenge for January 10, perhaps to be completed in a another dimension or day. LET SOMETHING GO.

I let go today's challenge until the day way over nearly everywhere,  The good part about playing fast and loose is you can do this challenge tomorrow, next week, three tiems in one day-- just remember to give it a shot.

Tuesday's challenge was to engage in some unproductive hours of just being, punctuated with completing a task you dread.,  I excelled at that today:  stayed in bed until 11, jammies until 1230.  My excuse was meeting another challenge of facing my fears.  I had to have some gruesome dental work done today that I'd managed to put off a couple of years.  I came home woozy and puttered about getting very little done, then topped the evening off with a family outing to inconsequential cinema.(THOR< GOD OF THUNDER!!!)which was delightful, and reminded me of the great powers of escape and denial

On a self-care scale of one-10, I scored a solid five.  I took care of a need, faced some fears (really folks, my childhood dentist was a sociopath sadist) and regressed gracefully on both sides of that quest.

How did you take care of yourself today?  In both necessary and sentimental/coddling ways?
especially if your day includes a difficult task and  bravery for part of the time.

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