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Friday, January 17, 2020

Friday January 17th Challenge: Read 12 Truths from Anne Lamott

Lonnnnnnggggg week here, which is clearly an excuse for 1) why this is so late and 2) how lazy it is.  But my old pal Jill reminded me of this good post by national treasure Anne Lamott today, and I can't think of any better 20 minute challenge than reading it.  And hopefully putting some of this good wisdom to use.   Anne is my idea of a Christian that Jesus would really like.  Just like you, she's human AND holy.  Speaking of which, early warning that Sunday's blog is about sin.  Hope that won't scare you off.
Here you go:  12 Truths.
If you're not familiar with Anne, get one of her many good books.  Traveling Mercies was one of those reads that made a difference in my life, and I've gone back to it many times.  I also make liberal use of Anne's prayers for accepting reality: "Whatever" in the morning, and "Oh well" at the end of the day.  There's lots to be mined in the linked article above.  

Enjoy, and see you tomorrow,


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