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Thursday, January 2, 2020

January Second Challenge: Tiny Resolutions

You made it through the first day of the new decade!  Congratulations.  Hope you had time for some reflection on the past year(s) and began crafting out some personal goals for growth and happiness for 2020.
My morning involved meditation/daydreaming in my cozy bed, going over what was working, what needed adjusting, what I was grateful for and looking forward to.  I used a burning ritual to solemnize some of what I think needs to stay back in the 'oughts.  And I'm calling out for what I want to bring in to my life this year.   Anything you throw generous attention into becomes a sort of magic. You don't go out and manifest it, you are just giving awareness which ripples out, and taking opportunities to get closer to what you want.  A couple early ideas floated up-- more time with people outside of work, for eating, playing, creating, exploring and learning together.  I want to say yes more when yes is good for me, and no more when yes isn't. 

I put these into action today by staying in jammies making french toast out of the holiday panetone (resolution category:  self-care, chill time, good food), making a quick decision to join a friend passing by on a walk (I had to put on real people clothes eventually!--Res. Cat. friendship, walking in nature, being in the moment). I got off the chair and cooked a good curry for dinner rather than making do with leftover cakes and chips.  Played the new games we got as holiday presents and put up MOST of the decoration in the attic.  I liked to dribble it out so it's not such a shock to the system to go back into the real world.  I tended to my mushroom grow kits in hopes of blue oysters elms and chestnut mushroom dinners to come.
A stellar day.

They won't all be like that.  Sometimes I'm going to throw a challenge up and life will laugh and make other plans/  That's ok  These challenges can be flexible-- some days we might do three or four, some days skip.  The point is to make a point of continuing to return to them and try, with an open mind, to see what useful you can find in them. 

If you've a mind for it, grab a fresh new journal. I  discourage really fancy ones, at least if you are like me and find yourself feeling you have to be profound.  But even a bunch of stapled together scrap paper is fine.   Jot down your challenge for the day.  Daydream about ways to meet it.  Keep an eye out for oppourtunity.  At the end of the day, write what happened-- or didn't-- and why.  be honest, not mean, if you didn't do it. What got in the way?  Did you devalue the work?  Your abilities? What emotions were associated, no matter the outcome-- pride, relaxation, fear?Out of that honesty decide if you want to try again another day.  Give yourself credit if you did.

The challenge for Thursday, January 2, is to write a thank you note to 2019.  What was good about it?  What are you grateful for? Who helped you along the way?  What did you learn this year?

Again, this can be scratched on the back of a napkin or written lovingly in your new journal or marked in any way you choose.

Bonus points:  Send a thank you to someone who helped make at least part of that year easier, more amazing, less lonely, more fun.  Send it in an envelope through the postal service.  Or at the least hand write and hand deliver it.

Again, if you don't get to this today, calendar it out during the month.  Try to do as many of these exercises as you can, even if you're not sure they are your cup of tea.  At the month, you can evaluate worth.see where the teachers and teachings show up.

See you tomorrow, and welcome to day two.


Today's quote:  "Take the first step in faith.  You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."  Dr. M.L. King

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